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NOS - IDR 10,995,000.00


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When it comes to your monitoring chain you need pure audio, simple function, and the right features. The McOne Active brings all of that plus a robust build, ergonomic design, and an old school vintage look for your desktop with its wooden side panels and cream finish.
As modern as can be inside, uber-vibey on the outside.
Hear your mix in full detail, feed your artist headphone system from three inputs, communicate with the high quality talkback microphone, switch between three stereo speaker sets, gain full control over your subwoofer, check your mixes in mono, crank the high powered studio headphone amp...and more.
It's got all the ins and outs you need for tracking sessions and mixdown, and you'll hear every nuance of your music like reverb tails and subtle delay effects.
New Old Sound has been building the McOne passive model for quite some time, this active model brings more features and integration ease to any rig with its all analog, balanced design. Just plug it in and go, it accepts unbalanced sources as well.

    Simple Input Switching
  • 3 stereo 1/4" balanced inputs (accepts unbalanced as well for CD players, iPods etc)
    Simple Output Switching
  • 3 stereo 1/4" balanced outputs for three dedicated sets of monitors
    Sub Output
  • Subwoofer dedicated output (with separate off switch to check mixes without it)
    Cue Feed
  • Artist monitor output to feed headphone monitoring system (separate source select, and carries talkback mic signal to artists)
    Talkback Mic
  • Feeds the Cue output, while dimming the speaker outs by -17dB
    Powerful Headphone Amp
  • Caution: Loud and clean audio ahead, for use in the control room to check mixes on headphones
    Dim, Mono and Mute
  • Take full control over the stereo mix, and hear every last detail
  • Active balanced on all inputs and outputs
  • Also accepts unbalanced signals from iPods, CD players, etc
  • Clean, uncolored and detailed audio with uber flat response at all volumes
  • Table top, ergonomic design is easy to reach for
  • Cream color with black text is easy to read in dim lighting
  • Wooden sides bring an old school vintage vibe to your DAW studio
  • 3 Inputs, TRS 1/4” Balanced, Selectable for monitoring or CUE feed
  • 3 Speaker Outputs, TRS 1/4” Balanced for multiple stereo pairs
  • 1 Stereo Subwoofer Output, TRS 1/4” Balanced with on/off switch
  • 1 Stereo CUE output, feed your artist headphone system with three inputs + talkback
  • 1 Headphone output for control room / engineer
  • Talkback microphone with talkback gain trim access on bottom of unit
  • Volume pot, high quality ALPS
  • Headphone amp volume control
  • MONO summing for checking mixes, affects 3 speaker outs and subwoofer
  • DIM function, -17dB value (engages during talkback)
  • MUTE function
  • Power switch with soft amber glow LED indicator
  • Universal power supply, auto sensing (standard IEC 3 prong)
  • INPUT: Maximum Input Level +26dBU
  • OUTPUT: Maximum Output Level before clipping +29dBU
  • SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: @ 0dBu unity gain 120dB
  • CROSSTALK: L/R @ 1kHz -105dBu
  • THD & NOISE: unity gain +24dBu input .005%
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20Hz­20kHz +/­ 0.3dB
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.25”W x 6”D x 3.25”H
  • WEIGHT: 3.55 LBS (1.6 KG)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 12-18V @ 1000mA (power suppl