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Frequently asked questions

Instructional Continuity

St. Bart’s School will utilize safe and secure webcams to broadcast the classroom experience to students who cannot be present for in-person instruction. Staff will publish a schedule and expectations for those students learning from home. More details will follow as the school year approaches.

Contingency Planning

If a short-term or long-term closure is needed, St. Bart’s School will utilize "classrooms" set up with webcams and use the following tools for instruction: Google Classroom, FlipGrid, and GoGuardian. These will be in place and ready to be used when school starts to be prepared and ready to be implemented when needed.

Communications and Training

St. Bart’s will post signage related to protocols for hygiene, face coverings/masks, respiratory etiquette, social distancing, etc. where appropriate throughout the school. School staff will receive training related to proper and safe cleaning and all safety procedures prior to the start of school and as needed. St. Bart’s will utilize the school website, email, and text communication tools to provide regular communication to families and staff to inform and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Families are asked to carefully review our “Back to School Plan” webpage and complete the electronic signature to confirm that you have read the contents and will join the entire St. Bart's School Community in doing your part to keep our students, staff, and families safe. “Back to School” videos will be provided to help students and families learn what some of the new procedures will look and sound like at St. Bart’s.